Pedodontics is concerned with diseases and the treatment of milk and youmg permenant teeth in babies , children , young adults and people who need special attention until the permenant dentition is completed . The issue related to these teeth is the field of pedodontics from the dentistry practice .

Pedodonty applications:

Oral-Dental Care And Nutritional Recommendations

Childrens Prostheses

Tooth Extraction

Protective And Preventive Applications From Tooth Decay , Flour Weld , Fluor Varnish , Fussre Cover

Treatment Of Dental Traumas

Endodontic Treatments (Canal Treatments, Ampulation)

Treatments To Stop Bad Mouth Habits ( Finger Sucking , Nail Eating Etc… )

Restorative Treatments ( Fillings ) In Milk And Young Permanant Teeth

Restorative Treatments ( Fillings ) Space Holders / Maintainers

The importance of milk teeth :

The milk teeth are 20 in total . Their primary task is to ensure the nutrition of the child , and the proper development of the speech depends on the existance of the milk teeth . Milk teeth protects the area they cover for the permenant tooth which will replace them and guide them while a tooth is growing .

In cases when any milk tooth is untimely pulled out , the natural space maintaining function ends . The pedodontics applications may prevent the early loss of milk teeth and space maintainers / holders can be made in order not to impede the guidance of a milk tooth growth lost earlier . Therefore , the individuals possibility to have any orthodontic disorder in the future may be reduced in that way .