Endodontics is a dentistry branch that is interested in treating the live part of the dental pulparna or problems with progression , with its more known form , up to the nerve . The pulpa consists of blood vessels , nerve and connective tissue . If the tooth’s pulpa gets infected the treatment will be root canal treatment . The purpose of the endodontic treatment is to clean , give a shape and imperviously filling the prepared root head in three dimensions into all the root canals for the purpose of recovering the function of a tooth which has lost its vitality due to physical , chemical or mechanical reasons . In old practices , the teeth used to be extracted in most cases of patients who had dental pulp disease . However , the only solution is not the tooth extraction any longer , because in today’s technology , the channel therapy is being applied to the teeth . Thanks to the advanced technology , many new methods and tools are being used in the root canal treatment . Succeesful results are being acheived especially in cleaning the infected root canals with rotary device systems and the devices called apex locaters .